tHis Day. WakeUp WedNesDay. February 14, 2024. I LoVe YoU.

Happy AnniVeRsaRy. 10 Years.

February 14, 2014

February 14, 2024

So, its not hard without God.

Just Impossible!!!!!!! 

Think of God as YoUr Dog.

How would YoU treat YoUr dog?

YoU See,

When YoUr Good to God,,,,,,,,,

God is Good to YoU.

it Just Be-s that Way.

The only problem YoU have witH God,

is YoUr Perception oF God.

Think of a FLoWeR.

YoUr FLoWeR,

YoUr A FLoWeR,

A FLoWeR of MotHeR EartH,

Gods FLoWeR.

Yeeeeeeeeeea, Yea, 

tHats YoU.

Be GentLe,

Be Kind,

Be LoVe,

Be YoUSeLf,

Dont do,


Thats God.

Thats Good.

Thats it!!!!!!!

Love is ALL Encompassing.

God is SciENCE.

Peace for YoU.

I LoVe YoU.

Ya  Heard?

Ya YoU.

iNsiDe YoU, 

Im Waiting.

Be aroUnd,

"its" AboUt YoU.



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