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AHH tHe Sabbath.

 tHis Day. Honor tHe Sabbath. No Matter What. No Matter what YoU Believe in. It is not a Religious thing, it's a Godly thing. Between God and YoU, or, YoU and God... Preferably on a Friday, or Sunday,  Because the Climate of the Day.... Most are doing it.... Without A Sabbath, tHere is no Ending and no  Beginning... Peace for YoU. I Love YoU. Ya Heard... YoU aRe Beautiful. jUst tHe Way YoU aRe. YoU aRe WortH tHe WorK.... So Do it....

tHis Day.

 Harvest Moon TiMe. Beautiful September 28, 2023. aNutHer Day. So We Work  See.  Seek, Examine, Execute!!! Do tHe Work. it Works, if YoU Work it!!!!!!! Gabesh??? Peace for YoU. I Love YoU.