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Wake Up Wednesday.

  February 28, 2024 Thirty Days has SeptemBer, April, June, and November; All the rest have 31, Except FebRuary!!!!!! its a Leap Month. it has 28 Days three years and 29 days One. Why? Y is a crooked Letter!


 The Merry-Go Bush.

AHH tHe Sabbath.

 February 23, 2024      03:33 Am WitH-oUt tHe SabbatH, tHeRe is no ending and Know Be-Gin-ing. iN Patience and Hope I try Again Today. Just for ToDay. ALL-in! ThanK FriDay, its God.

tHanKFULL tHUrsday.

 WoW.  ALReady. Just FoR ToDay. Easy Does it. Be-Gin Be-ing GrateFULL.. I Am. I WiLL. I ShaLL. Be- LoVe and SerVice. Live to Love, Love to Live. Peace For YoU. I Love YoU. YaH YoU.

WaKeUp Wednesday.

 February 21, 2024 tHis is tHe Day. Commit, or Be Committed. I LoVe YoU.

Do It Again.

In the mornin' you go gunnin' for the man who stole your water And you fire 'til he is done in but they catch you at the border And the mourners are all singin' as they drag you by your feet But the hangman isn't hangin' and they put you on the street You go back, Jack, do it again, wheel turnin' 'round and 'round You go back, Jack, do it again When you know she's no high climber then you find your only friend In a room with your two-timer, and you're sure you're near the end Then you love a little wild one and she brings you only sorrow All the time you know she's smilin' you'll be on your knees tomorrow, yeah You go back, Jack, do it again, wheel turnin' 'round and 'round You go back, Jack, do it again Now you swear and kick and beg us that you're not a gamblin' man Then you find you're back in Vegas with a handle in your hand Your black cards can make you money so you hide them when you're able I


 tHis Day February 20, 2024 WheRe aRe YoU?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Beautiful Sunday.

Thank God. February 18, 2024 EnJoy YoUrSeLf and tHis Day. Peace for You. I LoVe YoU.

AHH tHe SabbatH.

 WitH oUt tHe SabbatH,  tHere wouLd Be no ending, and no Beginning. PoWeR Up....... Be Grate-FuLL!!!!!!!!! Be Kind. Be LoVe. Be YorSeLf. I LoVe YoU.

tHis Day. WakeUp WedNesDay. February 14, 2024. I LoVe YoU.

Happy AnniVeRsaRy. 10 Years. February 14, 2014 February 14, 2024 So, its not hard without God. Just Impossible!!!!!!!  Think of God as YoUr Dog. How would YoU treat YoUr dog? YoU See, When YoUr Good to God,,,,,,,,, God is Good to YoU. it Just Be-s that Way. The only problem YoU have witH God, is YoUr Perception oF God. Think of a FLoWeR. YoUr FLoWeR, YoUr A FLoWeR, A FLoWeR of MotHeR EartH, Gods FLoWeR. Yeeeeeeeeeea, Yea,  tHats YoU. Be GentLe, Be Kind, Be LoVe, Be YoUSeLf, Dont do, Be. Thats God. Thats Good. Thats it!!!!!!! Love is ALL Encompassing. God is SciENCE. Peace for YoU. I LoVe YoU. Ya  Heard? Ya YoU. iNsiDe YoU,  Im Waiting. Be aroUnd, "its" AboUt YoU.  

tHis Day.

 So, Your not any of the People YoU watched Yesterday. And Now its BacK to Reality.... Who are You. And if YoU are oNe of those People; wHo are YoU? tHey are tHe people You Finance to Make YoU feel insignificant.. YoU made them elite, wHiLe YoU are tHe Lite. YoU can Survive without them: tHey cant survive without YoU!!!!!!! So tHis Day, HoLd YoUr Head High, Be in Confidence, tHat YoU aRe GodLy, aNd Be it. Here is YoUr Freedom, Hear in tHe Kingdom oNe Voice. Or the other. There is No INBeTWEEN.... LoVe oR feaR, LoVe is ALL ENCOMPASSING. Live Easy Rest Easy, Be Easy, An Easier softer Way. ABSOLUTLY. We aRe Waiting foR YoU. I Love You. Today, tHis Week, tHis month, tHis Year, YoUr EntiRe Existence, oNe MoMent at A TiMe. Be Connected. Peace For YoU.

tHis Day.

 tHis is tHe Day.  ThankFuLL tHUrsday February 08, 2024 iF not Today, When??????? I Love You. This Should Suffice.

wHere aRe YoU?

 tHis is tHe Day. it is tHe Beginning of My Life. As I Create My Legacy Continues. Be aRoUnd, its AboUt YoU. its Better then Being in a sQUareBoX. EnJoy YoUrSeLf and tHis Day. Peace for YoU. wHere aRe YoU. in Faith, Hope, and Love We try Again ToDaY!!!!!!! Wake-Up WednesDay February 07, 202FoUrForYoU. tHe Uni-VeRse. YoUnIVerse. eVerything Begins and Ends WitH YoU. Ya Heard?

tHis Day.

 Why do Children hurt or kill themselves??? Our Responsibility and Full Time Job is to Protect them, guide them, and Provide Hope, Peace, and Love, to have Faith in the Process of Life; Precious Life. Gabesh? I Love You. Please Help Me in tHis Quest!!!