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Ahh tHe SabbatH.

March 22, 2024

ThankfUll ThUrsday.

 March 21, 2024   Who are YoU?

WaKe Up Wednesday.

  March 20, 2024  it is almost impossible to go through Your Life without interacting with people: A conundrum, a major dilemma, for People are complicated. 

tUfF tUesday.

 March 19, 2024

AHH tHe SabbatH!!!

 ThanK Friday, it's God. IMNewyork A  New York Straight Production A Special Day tHeGoodsHoWitWorKs. tHis is tHe day, and,   untill YoU Know that  YoUr wasting TiMe.  it's Good to Be ALiVe!!!!  iF YoU don't think So;   Imagine,  Waking Up dead.  Today, YoU Shall Do Anything YoU Choose... YoUr World WiLL React Accordingly Peace For YoU.  Heaven tHe Journey. Living tHe Process, Moment to Moment, in Heaven on EartH. No Need to RemBer YoUr Chooses; YoUr Living tHem. I Love YoU. YoU. U.

Wake Up Wednesday.

 March 13, 2024 Were almost wHere? tHen?

tUfF tUesday,

 March 12, 2024 tHis is tHe Day,  Ya Heard. I Know witH Certainty that YoU can Do WhateVer YoU pUt YoUr Mind too, Today,  YoU WiLL sUcceed. it jUst Be's LiKe that. tHe PoWeR that YoU Pocess is ALL tHe PoweR tHere is. Gabesh? I LoVe YoU. Ya, YoU. Peace For YoU.

Myday March 11,2024

 St. Joseph. March 02, 1984 March 11, 2017 I Love You, My Beautiful Son. EnJoy YoUrSelf, and EveryBody, it could Be the last TiMe YoUr here Together. Peace for YoU. I LoVe YoU. Love is the Answer. what is the question? Why, wHy, aviod the inevitable? tHere are only tWo things in Life; Love and fear! Fear has many, many off-shoots: LoVe Justis. Be Cool, Be Kind, Be Giving, BeForGiving, Be YoUrSelf, Be AroUnd; Be- Cause, it's AboUt YoU. it's Better then Being in a SqUare Box.

AHH tHe SabbatH!!!

 March 08, 2024 Peace.

Thankful Thursday.

 Marching Onward.  March 06, 2024 Finding tHe doG in YoU. Where aRe YoU?   Who aRe YoU? HoW Do YoU No? oR Do yoU kNoW? What Was tHe FiRst tHing YoU kNeW? NotHing.  I  LoVe  YoU; Yea YoU. Peace for YoU.

WakeUp Wednesday,

 March 06, 2024 aRe We there Yet? is anybody oUt tHere? Peace for YoU. I LoVe YoU.

My Day.

 March 04, 2024. Doomed in the Womb! What is relevant, wHere You caMe from, wHere yoUr going, oR,  YoUr JoUrney tHere?   Where? Peace for YoU. I  LoVe YoU.

AHH tHe SabbatH!!!

 Thank Friday, its  God!!!!!!!  MarcHing to Spring. March, comes in like a Lion and  Goes out Like A Lamb. March 01, 2024. Peace for YoU. I  LoVe  YoU.