tHis Day.

 Wednesday July 26, 2023.

You See: 

aNutHer Day.

Is Today Tomorrow?

Never ever put off what YoU can Do Today till Tomorrow...

Except a drink...

Just for Today, do Not drink, drug, or do anything not Good for God's Temple...


Let's Begin.

What do You want to think and talk about,


YoU aRe what YoU think;

and YoU can only thinK, 

what is in Your mind,

Be Kind to YoUr Mind ..

it's a terrible thing to Waste...

As a Person thinketH,

So A Person Be....

Go to Sleep in Peace,

To WaKe in Peace,

To Be in Peace...

Or Turmoil!!! 

It's Up to YoU.

I LoVe YoU.



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tHis Day