tHis Day.

 tUff tUesday July 11, 2023.

YoU Got it....

Everything Begins and ENDs WitH 


tHe Power in YoU is Stronger tHen anything oUtside YoU....

Do not Relinquish YoUr PoWer.....

YoUr Thoughts manifest What is...

And only tHis....

Take tHe Me out of blaMe,

and YoU got 

Bla, Bla,Bla...

Enough Bla, 

Let's Armor uP.....

tWo Meetings a Day,

Keeps tHe Doctors and Madness aWay.

Early to Prepare,

and later to Repair...

We have tried the other Way,

that's why we're Here...

To Wake in Peace,

YoU Have to Sleep in Peace,

To Sleep in Peace,

YoU Must Be in Peace,

To Be in Peace, YoU Must Work at


Until it is YoUr Natural Way.

YoUr Essence is Peace,

Just Disturbed....

I LoVe YoU. 


Just for Today.

Easy does it..


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tHis Day.

tHis Day