tHis Day..

 Whats tHe difference? 

YoU Got it...... 

LiVe in tHe ContinUUm.... 

We aRe ALWAYS Conscious iF We do not Pollute oUr Brain... 

Even wHen We Sleep, tHe Mind is Working, so tHis would Mean TiMe is an iLLusion.

Life is a Process, Disturbed By YoU... 

EnJoy tHe Gift, 

Be tHe Present!!!  

Lets Prepare foR tHis Day. 

YoU aRe jUst a sPec in tHis Vast Universe, pay Attention,


Spiritus Contra SpiritUm... 

iF YoU Booze,

YoU Lose!!!!!

Peace foR YoU..

I LoVe YoU.



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tHis Day